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Title : DISNEY INFINITY Frozen Toy Box Set

Description : Disney INFINITY immerses you in exciting movie worlds called Play Sets, where you’ll embark on original adventures, solve puzzles, overcome obstacles and more. Fusing movies, video games and reality into one groundbreaking experience, INFINITY gives you a unique door into the magic, through a collection of character figures that activate the Play Sets when they’re placed on the base. To change it up, take the action to the game’s Toy Box. Here, you can mix up items from all of the Play Sets and craft your own custom game world. Once your masterpiece is complete, open it up for your friends to explore in four-person co-op play. With tons of additional characters to collect, powers to unlock and magic to create, you’ve only just begun your journey into INFINITY.

The icy, enchanting world of Disney’s Frozen opens up to your imagination with this Frozen Toy Box Set. The set includes figures for two of the movie’s characters, Anna and Elsa, so you can get to know your new Disney friends and add their unique powers to your Disney INFINITY cache of abilities. The included Power Discs allow you to transform your Toy Box to match the mystical beauty of the world of Frozen.


Show off your one-of-a-kind Toy Box creations by inviting your friends along for co-op play Get to know your new favorite characters from Disney’s Frozen, Anna and Elsa, and add their powers to your Disney INFINITY arsenal with the included figures Transform your Toy Box to the magical, enchanting world of Frozen with the included INFINITY Power Discs Must have a Disney Infinity Starter Pack to play WARNING – CHOKING HAZARD-Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
Features :

  • Works with “Toy Box” Game Mode
  • Expand your Disney Infinity Toy Box experience with Toy Box Packs featuring your favorite Disney characters
  • Make your own worlds, create games with your own rules, or build places that exist only in your imagination
  • Use the Power Discs to customize the appearance of your entire Toy Box to themed worlds
  • Frozen Toy Box Pack includes Anna, Elsa with Frozen Texture Set and Skydome Power Discs

Price : Starting at $44.80





Category: Interactive Gaming Figures
Brand: Disney Interactive Studios
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Rating : 4.4
Rating : 158
Review : Frozen “Playset” only emphasizes the problems with Infinity. It’s beautifully boring.
Before anyone gets mad at my score let me say I knew what I was getting into and I dont regret buying this. BUT… just because you love something doesnt mean you can’t point out its flaws. And this “Play Set” is exactly whats wrong with Disney Infinity. No matter how beautiful the character looks, if there’s no custom adventure for them then the game gets incredibly boring.

Frozen Play Set

+ Great looking figurines
+ Elsa has some of the coolest powers in all of Infinity

– Sold as a “Playset” but there’s no actual game. Just some wallpaper.
– $30 for two figures means $15/ea which is more than an individual figure
– Anna had no actual trademarks in the film so they gave her… a shovel? Huh?
– Elsa minigame is shooting a catapult so you can’t utilize her awesome powers or even see her
– No actual game. I know I said it several times but it’s a valid complaint. Elsa and Anna join Jack…